Tomorrow is not promised. 

Take more pictures
This is your vow
Don’t wait until tomorrow
Start taking them now!
Tomorrow’s not promised,
We take advantage of mother time
Uncork more bottles,
Start “cheering” the wine.
Spend more time reading,
Than running around.
Take time to relax; or
You’re gonna fall down.
You need to be strong,
On her life, she now depends,
For you to be the one,
Who repairs all of her mends.
You know you got this,
We’ve been here before …
The faith that comes
From within,
Is banging on your door.

Open it …
It’s okay …
Let faith come in,
And help to ease the pain.
No one is dealt,
What they cannot handle …
She has had one hell of a deal,
You are the one, to be her candle.
Guide her on this journey,
Be there to care …
Together you make
An incredible pair.

She is the one
Who never gave up on you,
It’s now your turn,
This isn’t something new.
You both need to prepare,
Put on those boxing gloves …
Cancer doesn’t know,
Exactly what we do for love.
Punch it, kick it …
Knock it the fuck down,
Cancer also doesn’t know …
Who just rolled into town.


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