Forever Broken.

Dark. Alone … Isolated.

Deprived of ever being a child.


Lost. Broken … Worthless.

Made a woman,
Before the choice was mine.

Secluded. Lonely … Detached.

He embezzled the purest part of me,
before I knew what purity meant.

Thick. Hideous … Misplaced.

Feelings a child should never feel daily.

For a child to know their worth,
It must be shown …
It must be taught …
It must be felt!!!


Abandoned. Forlorn … Vacant.

How do you teach a child their worth,
When their worth was abducted at 3, 4, 5,
Six … years of age?!

Being left to feel nothing,
Yet, feeling everything, completely.

Somber. Gloomy … Dejected.

Feelings of discontent meandered for years.

Not knowing why this emptiness was felt.


Invisible. Obscured … Unseen.

Wasn’t this the standard?
Didn’t this “act” go on in everyone’s home?

He told me yes,
But also said to advise no one.

“Shhh,” was whispered in my ear.
“It’s our secret.”

Secret. Classified … Private.

A soul like mine has many reasons to live.
A soul like mine has many reasons to love.
A soul like mine has many reasons to not trust.
A soul like mine has many reasons to hate.
A soul like mine has many reasons to die.

How can someone abduct the innocence of a child?!

Awful. Hideous … Grotesque.
Appalling. Foul … Monstrous.
Repulsive. Broad … Plump.
Horrid. Beastly … Repugnant.

You are what you feel.
I am all the above.

Why wouldn’t I be?!
For the man who was in charge,

Fearful. Scared … Petrified.



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