Take my arm … 

Take my arm.
Instead of hers.
With each poke and prot
She winces, it burns.
Instead of hers!
I feel her pain.
Can it get worse?
I bow my head,
As a tear falls down.
I say a prayer.
I ask the Lord, why?
Why her?!
What did she do?
To deserve this misery.
To have this placed upon her.
What did she do …
you ask?
She raised two children.
On her own.
For the most part.
We had incredible grandparents.
Whom aided.
A lot. 
We have no shame.
For it takes a village.
It takes love.
So much love,
courage and strength.
She is not invincible,
She is my Wonder Woman.
Nursing school graduate,
Young kids at home.
Life is hectic, I know.
For I am now a mom.
Nurse by day,
Sometimes night.
Mom, 24/7, 365.
Always there, no matter what.
She went from Mama to Mommy to Mom to Friend.
Although, forever my Mommy.
My heart is breaking.
I must be strong.
I have no fear.
In my strength.
In her recovery.
In her care.
In this process.
For I am her daughter.
Again, I ask why?
She worked hard.
Twenty-six years.
She gave herself to healthcare.
Taking care of the ill.
Twenty-ten rolled around,
And stole it all away.
In an instant!
Because CANCER.
Fuck you cancer.
You stole it all away.
Nothing more than a villain.
Who tries to destroy lives.
Here comes the nurse ..

PLEASE, I beg you …

Take MY arm,
Instead of hers.


  1. I work with cancer patients everyday and I see heroes in each caregiver, the hours by their bedside, the loving looks, the warm words and most of all the smiles. this touched me. you have a very special bond with your mother.

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